design: steph sarlos

a performance in public space by Sylvia Rimat

This site-specific project is a variation of Sylvia Rimat's studio performance Imagine Me To Be There. The performance explores possibilities of interaction with the wider public by working with a Big Screen in public space.

There’s a woman sitting quietly on a bench in a busy city centre. She observes the passers-by and responds by typing on a laptop 
 Ll l lllll ll lllllll lll    tt tt t  t    ttt tt t ttr rrrr r r r rrss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
The words appear live on a large screen. 
The woman wears a brown fluffy full body bear costume and bright red high heels a bright red top and blue jeans. 
A playful scenario starts to evolve, situated somewhere between the real and the imagined. 
Please STAY just a little bit longer…

By addressing passers-by via text on a Big Screen, Imagine Us aims to heighten our awareness of the physical and thought spaces we pass through. Whilst exploring ideas of presence and mediation, the live encounter is also concerned with bringing public space alive.

Imagine us is a wonderful imaginative and magical performance with the public effectively coming to a stand still to read the enfolding story on the black screen and join in the dance with the bear at the end. It demonstrates how an everyday public, that is not necessarily well-versed in contemporary art, is quite willing to engage with the unknown. Edith Doove, Curator and Researcher at University of Plymouth

Sylvia Rimat succeeds in making Plymouth City Centre quirky and cool. Audience member 

Imagine Us was premiered in Sep 2011 as part of Plymouth Art Fringe accompanying British Art Show 7 and incorporated the BBC Big Screen in Plymouth City Centre. The show is available for touring, please contact Sylvia Rimat for more details.

Concept and performance: Sylvia Rimat
Project Management: Ray White

Supported by Arts Council England, Residence, The Basement and BBC Big Screen Plymouth.